We all love having strong and shiny hair. We spend a lot of money on expensive hair products to make our hair smooth and shiny. But hair fall is something which we cannot avoid, and for some people hair, fall happens extensively. Hair loss can be due to a variety of reasons, and the following are some of the ways you can protect your hair from getting damaged.

Wash your hair regularly:

Dirt and dust get accumulated on our head when we go out and as we sweat the dirt mixes up with the sweat and makes our head very dirty. When excessive dirt gets accumulated on our scalp, the roots of our hair gets damaged, and later our hair growth gets affected. When you wash your hair regularly, you will keep your scalp clean, and your hair will look healthy and shiny. But at the same time, avoid applying too much shampoo to your hair as it has a lot of chemicals added to it. Also, do not use hot water to wash your hair as it will harm your scalp. Using a mild shampoo and conditioner will help your hair to stay strong. Some shampoos and conditioners contain a lot of chemicals, and it might damage your hair.

Do not apply too much heat to your hair:

Most of us tend to apply heat to our hair to make it straight and smooth. But after a while, your hair becomes very rough and frizzy. If you happen to use heat on your hair, make sure that you use heat protection cream or shampoo which will protect your hair from the high temperature. Also, make sure that you do not directly apply heat on the roots as you will damage it intensively.

To nourish your hair, you need to eat healthily:

You need to have a balanced diet to have good hair growth. If you do not include protein in your diet the strength and the growth of your hair will be affected. You also need to eat food which contains iron, zinc, omega three fatty acids etc. Eat a lot of green vegetables and food items which are rich in Vitamin B and C. Eating egg white is extremely good for your hair, and you can also apply it directly over your hair to make it shiny.

Exercise regularly:

We all have stressful lives, but we all can at least exercise for about 30 minutes a day. When you exercise, the blood circulation in your body will improve. You also will feel fresh, and your stress will reduce. Stressing a lot can make your hair to fall a lot and thus you need to find ways to relax and keep the stress down. You can also go for head massages which will help you to reduce your stress.