Tips For Considering Dental Insurance

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not a more expensive dental insurance plan might be worth the expense. While most experts are on board with this, claiming dental insurance can help you save a lot of money in the long run, not everyone agrees, and the debate has already been going on for quite a long time.  The Willow Creek Way dentists leave it to their patients to find what works best for them, and offer affordable quality dentistry.


What Is the Real Cost of Dental Insurance?


Is dental insurance worth the money when you really consider the costs and benefits that are associated with it? Before we explore the issue, we have to take a look at the actual cost of dental insurance and what it entails.


Statistics show that the average price most Americans pay for dental insurance is about $360 per year. The monthly average falls between an interval of $15 to $50, but the costs may vary even more depending on the insurance provider and the state you live in.


As for the benefits, it’s important to point out that most dental plans will have an annual limitation on how much you can spend on complicated and difficult procedures that could be quite pricey. Any additional costs will have to be met out of your own pocket.


Coverage and Different Plans


According to most people who have benefited from dental insurance during the past 40 years, the prospect on having large and complicated procedures paid by an insurance company is dire at best. Dental insurance stops working when the payment required is more than $1,000 – $1,500 per year in most cases, and only premium coverage plans will provide you with a higher amount.


That being said, dental insurance still has many advantages that are worth speaking of, even if you get one of the cheapest ones out there. The “100-80-50” coverage plan can provide you with the advantage of having 100% of your preventive and diagnostic costs covered by the insurance company and you also get two free check-ups and dental cleanings every year. These terms are usually very agreeable when we think of the immense benefits that preventive care can offer.


In fact, according to recent statistics, only about 4% of those who have dental insurance actually reach their maximum when it comes to paying for procedures. Most experts will say that this fact is a testament to the power and efficiency of preventive care, as people who follow proper preventive care routines, and make sure to brush and floss every day, will less likely have to deal with complicated issues like cavities, the need for fillings and the need for expensive implants.


Should You Really Get a Dental Insurance Plan?


When considering the costs and benefits, it’s clear that dental insurance has a lot of assets that would suggest it’s best to have it. Aside from the preventive options, most plans also offer advanced coverage, and some premium plans also have a much greater limit than what the average mentioned above might entail.


The ultimate conclusion is that dental insurance is definitely a great advantage to have, and the support it offers for preventive care, basic procedures and a limited number of major procedures will be more than worth the expense.