When is the best time to retire, and how can you really tell? Retirement never really has clear-cut rules, and figuring out when the right time for you might be will usually entail a mixture of keeping true to the goals of your career and knowing how to let go gracefully.

Many people make the mistake of retiring early, and many more make the mistake of trying to keep pushing forward, despite their bad health and inability to focus as they normally could. So it’s important to know how to avoid these potential issues and select what the best time for retirement might be in your own specific case.

The Pitfalls of Retiring too Late or too Early

Retirement can be a tough choice. You have to give up a routine you might have maintained for 30 years or more, or you might have to learn to live without the constant ambition to get farther and overcome more obstacles. Fortunately, the picture most people paint about retirement isn’t as bleak as it may seem – unless you choose the wrong time for it. When you are ready to retire, know that there are many retirement communities Denver offers to those who are working and those that are not. There are lots of options in Denver to find a home that best fits your lifestyle.

Many people lose their ambition or feel they no longer have what it takes to do what they once used to. This conclusion often leads them to adopt retirement out of a feeling of shame or fear. They believe they can no longer be as “good” as they once were. However, since they retire early, they will still feel they have the ability to tackle many challenges, but the psychological blockages they form as a result of their decisions will be holding them back. A feeling of powerlessness could then set in, which can lead to unnecessary stress and even severe health problems.

Retiring too late can lead to being “burnt” by the excessive effort. People who retire too late don’t know how to quit, and the result is almost always a huge mistake at the workplace, an accident or the deterioration of their health.

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How to Make the Decision

So when is the best time to retire in your own specific case? Although some believe it’s age 65, some think it’s better to retire early, and some have the notion that 70 should be the new retirement age, it’s all far too subjective to even try to analyze.

Typically, at 70 you should still be in relatively good mental and physical health. However, this doesn’t happen for everyone, and to assume that all elders should keep struggling in an accelerating work industry is rightly considered a mistake by most experts. At the same time, it’s true that if you still “have it in you” then you owe it to yourself to keep fueling your ambition.

What drives you? Can you do it at home, or do you absolutely need the work environment? What are other, less demanding means of obtaining what you want? These questions have to be thoroughly answered before you can find the ultimate answer for yourself.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to knowing when to retire than it first meets the eye. Whether you’re an ambitious worker or someone who just can’t bear sitting at home with nothing to do, you have to take the time to weigh all the pros and the cons before deciding on a definite answer to the question “when is the best time to retire in your case?”