Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation Products
for Medical Distributors and Consumers


Supports and braces to help prevent injury...
and to rehabilitate after injury

We offer a complete line of quality orthopedic and sports supports and braces at low discount prices, quite possibly the lowest prices on the web. You will find a wide selection of medical-grade supports to enhance your post-surgery and post-pregnancy recovery, products to minimize discomfort during the post-injury healing process and braces to help prevent an acute or recurring injury.

The supports can help soothe the pain of arthritis or tendonitis as well as help support the knee, ankle, back or wrist due to muscle weakness. Our braces, wraps and sleeves provide extra support and protection to help relieve pain and discomfort due to injury or overuse, offer compression to reduce edema (inflammation or swelling) and offer support for muscles, joints and ligaments following injury or surgery.

Whether you are a sports participant or a spectator, a medical distributor or a medical supply buyer for an industrial, worker's compensation or medical clinic or hospital, we trust that our quality products will fit your body and your budget.